The Color of Friendship


Mahree Bok lives on a farm in South Africa. Her father is a policeman who cannot hide his joy when activist Steve Biko is caught by the South African authorities. Piper Dellums is the daughter of a US congressman from California and who lives in a nice home in Washington DC. When Mahree is chosen to spend a semester at the Dellums' house, she doesn't expect that her host family would be black. Nor do her hosts suspect that she is not a black South African.

  • Fecha de estreno 05.02.2000
  • País CA, US
  • Idioma English
  • Duración 87
  • Vistas 86
themoviedb icon 7.3/10


Mahree Bok

Lindsey Haun

Roscoe Dellums

Penny Johnson

Piper Dellums

Shadia Simmons

Ron Dellums

Carl Lumbly

Merle Bok

Susan Danford


Kevin Hooks

Pieter Bok

Stephen Jennings

The Color of Friendship - 2000 The Color of Friendship - 2000